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Why Solar Water Heating?

The most energy intensive appliance in the home is the hot water geyser. 

It is also the most expensive to run. The good news is that solar water heaters can on average replace 70% of the electricity used to heat water, and solar water heating should be considered as one of the first steps in energy and cost savings, providing a better return on investment than other renewable energy saving or generating technology in the South African environment.

The SESSA information provided on solar water heating will help the consumer to decide on which type of system is best for them, will enable them to calculate the potential savings in electricity and costs and will enable them to avoid pitfalls and disappointments as they embark on their journey towards cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy.

The information provided is impartial and is provided as a representative body of the South African solar water heating industry and does not favour any particular products or manufacturers.