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Which system should I choose?

Solar Water Heaters range considerably in price and performance.

The quality of systems do vary, but the first consumer check is to make sure that it has been tested and passed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). All SWH should carry a minimum of a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
When a SWH is being sold it is extremely important to consider both the size (the volume of water) that is being heated, and the efficiency of the system. For example, a 300L system that is only 50% efficient will give the same electrical savings as 150L system that is 100% efficient.

The biggest disappointment that consumers face is lower than expected electrical savings and lower than expected reduced electricity bills. This is generally because they have bought a system that is too small, not having considered the amount of hot water that is actually being used by the home.

The SESSA accredited supplier should be able to supply you with a system that meets your hot water requirements, and the information on this website provides you with impartial information to help avoid buying a system that is too small or not efficient.
Consumers are advised to ask additional questions regarding retrofits (solar systems that are fitted to existing electrical tanks), and using a solar water heating system as a pre-feed system.