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Convert your monthly electricity consumption expense to a Passive Investment


What is a passive investment?

Maximising investment returns by making an investment with limited or no active management involved, is called passive investment.
Household consumption expenses are generally of a monthly perpetual nature. Seldom is an opportunity presented to convert a recurring expense into an investment opportunity. Advanced solar energy generation technology is about the only option, which enables you to take advantage and to become energy self-reliant and become wealthier as a result!

Enjoy a home that is more affordable, comfortable and environment friendly

We recommend, as many other modern and wise households do, installing advanced solar generation technology to save electricity expenses and ensure security of supply of hot water and electricity. Apart from being financially savvy, there are numerous benefits, as is evident.

Passive wealth generation: Tax Free!

Expenses for electricity consumption are paid with after-tax money. No difference when paying for installed solar energy generation technology. However, the established saving accumulates and is entirely tax free! The beneficial savings, contributes towards your personal wealth. Established permanent savings primarily, but amongst other factors, resulting in your increased wealth.

Go ahead and be a winner!