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Space Heating and Cooling

Heating of homes in South Africa is very dependent on location. As most homes in South Africa are not equipped with central heating, the options are localized heating through gas bottles, fireplaces fuelled by both coal and wood, oil filled radiators and other types of electric heaters. In all cases the options are both expensive and not very efficient.
Oil filled radiators are typically 1,500 Watts, approximately half the electrical consumption of an electrical geyser.
Multiple radiators are expensive to run. 
Floor heating
Under floor heating with electricity or water pipes is arguably a luxury, providing a pleasant overall ambient experience, however electricity costs are very high. 
Installation costs of under floor heating using either electricity or water are similar but in general the investment is substantial.
Air conditioning
Where air conditioning units are used for either cooling or heating, the tips for saving money and increasing efficiency are to adapt the thermostat setting, and to make sure the filters and equipment is regularly serviced and in good condition.
The latest air condition units, as with many appliances, are considerably more efficient than those manufactured a few years ago.