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SESSA aims to be an information centre for its members

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SESSA aims to be an information centre for its members through the use of the newly developed website. We also aim to attract other interested parties. Which may want to refer to the SESSA website as a source of reference, education and/or marketing content.

We aim to electronically stay in touch which you can view at your peril. One of which is the use of push notifications.

These notifications are there for your comfort. You can ignore it or should the subject matter be of interest you can follow the link which will display the content.

Digitally enabled content will be used to build the SESSA brand which will have positive spinoffs for our members.

Therefore, we invite you to subscribe to the push notifications, which will appear on your computer through Google Chrome on your Windows action centre (follow here for more information, since you may have to enable your Windows system settings: ) to enable notifications.

The notifications will also appear on your Android or Apple mobile.

Stay in touch!

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