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SESSA stands for good business practices and ensures that the goods and services offered by its members are of the highest quality.

Through the Guarantee of Excellence, the ombudsman function and the Code of Conduct, SESSA members carry credibility and can offer their customers additional peace of mind, thereby gaining a competitive edge.

This membership option is aimed at key industry players, who are leaders in their fields with 5 years or more experience.

This membership option is aimed at SMMEs, Vendors or OEM’s with substantial skills and experience in their field.

This membership option is aimed at SMMEs, who has already built up skills, knowledge and experience with at least 2 years experience, through membership networking and accredited skills and training programs offered by SESSA training network members.

This membership option is aimed at emerging SMMEs, who has less than 1 year experience, who wish to build skills, knowledge and experience through membership networking and accredited skills and training programs offered by SESSA training network members.

Contact our offices for more information.

Please Note

This information is for authentication reference. We are in constant communication with the current listed members and annually issue/renew valid membership certificates upon renewal.

Should the commercial detail of a service provider not appear on this SESSA official publication, chances are, that specific service provider is not SESSA registered.

The listed subscription prices, exclude VAT.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Prior learning and qualifications do not grant exemption of any kind. All applicants irrespective of their specialty of trade are to submit Solar PV and or SWH Training records as a minimum requirement for Vetting Purposes, if no training records are available, reach out to our offices before signing up as the online application will require payment upon submission of the application.

The correct membership selection is based on your companies date of registration (age), and the correctly selected tier should be in line with each tiers description. Incorrect selections will be rectified by our offices and invoices generated and sent to the registered mail address for payment of the difference.

SESSA Subscriptions

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