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In this  section we provide information on where to start, some basic information on the different technologies and what you need to take into account when deciding which route to take. We also provide and FAQ section with tipps and what to watch out for.

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You can only save or replace by renewables the energy that you actually consume. If you and your family love cold showers, likely a solar water heater will not save you that much. So the first step should be to look at your energy consumption and where it is coming from. Make a list of your monthly usage and costs and note the average values per day for each month to account for fluctuations in billing cycles. If there are large deviations in the values per day, find out what the reason is (e.g. heating, pool pump cycle, time of use tariff, etc.).

In the past months, since Eskom’s crisis culminated in the worst load shedding in history, consumers have been embracing solar PV and solar water heating. The increased demand for these systems has seen solar companies and installers inundated with enquiries and seen many new companies and individuals appear in this market. As a result, SESSA has seen a massive increase in consumer complaints about faulty installations and substandard equipment in solar systems.

Saving money is often the main motive for investing in renewables and energy efficiency, but the implications to the environment in terms of reducing ones carbon footprint and especially increased supply security in times of load shedding are also important factors to consider.

Before you start comparing technologies and looking at prices, ask yourself these questions:

If you keep the answers to these questions in mind, it will help you stay on track and make an informed decision as to which route and technology to choose.

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