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Buying, credit facilities and renting options

The SWH supplier and/or installer may be able to provide credit facilities for the purchase of the system.

Credit facilities from private lenders tend to be very expensive. If buying on credit check the overall impact on the cost of the system, and the payback period after credit finance.

If you have a bond on your home some banks will extend the bond for the purchase of the SWH. Again, check the arrangement fee and costs of borrowing and compare against the electrical savings and financial savings.

A number of SWH suppliers are now offering Solar Water Heating rental schemes. These can be advantageous, if the electrical and related financial savings are greater than the cost of renting.

It overcomes the capital costs required to go solar and depending on the scheme can provide a purchase option at the end of the rental period. As more financing options become available SESSA will add information to facilitate purchases.

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