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Buying a solar PV system

It is strongly recommended that you only purchase from a SESSA accredited supplier or installer.

Consult the SESSA Member Directory for a list of accredited installers in your area. The SESSA Ombudsman is also at hand to address problems or issues arising as a result of manufacturing problems, poor installation or bad service from a supplier or service provider. A number of SESSA members are also registered with PVGreenCard or the P4 quality assurance platform.

PV is a major investment and all steps towards being as energy efficient as possible should be taken before you investigate and ultimately size a solar PV system.
A minimum of 3 quotes should be obtained before a decision is made and the brand and reputation of the product should be considered. As most of the components are imported the current Rand strength or weakness will have a direct effect on the price.

It is required to register a grid-tied PV system (including existing systems) with your municipality, regardless of whether electricity can be fed into the grid. This is currently not being enforced or sanctioned, however the onus is once again on the owner – not the installer to comply with the SSEG regulations. Registration must be completed before installation and can be a lengthy process. It is advisable to choose an installation company that has experience with the registration procedure in your municipality when embarking on this route.